We start our tour from the Mount of Olives panoramic view of the Old City and will visit the ancient Jewish cemetery. Then, we’ll explore the City of David, where Jerusalem’s history begins. We’ll walk in the Water Tunnel of Hezekiah, named after the king who ordered to keep Jerusalem’s water from the impending Assyrians siege, and then we’ll drive to the the Zion Gate of the Old City to visit the Tomb of King David. We’ll pass through the Jewish Quarter to the Broad Wall that  King Hezekiah built and enter the Herodian Quarter, which takes us to the last days before the Second Temple’s destruction and the fall of Jerusalem. If time permits, we’ll visit  the Southern Wall Excavations, walking on the original two thousand-year old street and climbing the ancient steps, which will take us  to the Western Wall, Judaism’s most sacred site, where we can see Bar Mitzvahs on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.