The Judean Desert lies east of Judean Hills and descends to the Dead Sea. Less than one hour drive from Jerusalem and comfortable temperatures during the late autumn till early spring provide excellent opportunity for one day tour. We can always combine several 1 day tours into a 2-5 days trek.

  • Wadi Qelt, from Ein Farrah to Ein Qelt: A fascinating moderate rate hike in the oasis north-east of Jerusalem.

  • Wadi Qelt, from Ein El Fawar to St. George's Monastery: A fascinating moderate-rate hike in the oasis east of Jerusalem, including a visit to the Greek-Orthodox monastery, hanging on the cliffs of the canyon.

  • The Daradge Gorge: A tough hike, combining climbing down dry waterfalls with the assistance of ropes, and swimming through water-holes filled with water from the last flash-flood. This hike is available only between March and May.

  • David Stream, the Dry Canyon and the Wet Canyon: A moderate-rate hike in Ein Gedi: Ascending to the Dry Canyon, walking to the dry "Window Waterfall". Descending to the "Lovers' Cave" and bathing in the crystal-clear water there and in the lower part of the stream. Watch the Nubian Ibex and the Syrian Rock Hyrax.

  • Arugot Canyon: An easy-moderate hike in the Arugot stream, a beautiful oasis in Ein Gedi. Visit the Hidden Waterfall and the upper pools. If time permits, visit the fascinating mosaic floor of the ancient synagogue of Ein Gedi.